If you would like to improve your photography skills and learn how to capture and process compelling images, allow me, Michael Brent Levy, to personally guide you through a 3-hour, on-location photo shoot and post-processing workshop. You and I will choose a location in the greater Seattle area, and spend our time together roughly as follows:

1st hour: Scouting the location, we will look for the best vantage points from which to photograph the scene, pre-visualize possible compositions, and choose the most suitable lens, focal length, aperture, and exposure pararmeters for the job, given the intended result and existing lighting conditions.

2nd hour: Before shooting, you will frame the scene through your camera’s viewfinder or monitor, and I may suggest possible adjusments to your composition. We will then proceed to photograph the scene, trying to catch the optimum light (this is most important near sunset), do a quick check of the images on the camera’s monitor screen, and make adjustments to composition/exposure if necessary. If appropriate, we will move to another promising vantage point and shoot the scene again.

3rd hour: We will process one of your images in Lightroom and/or Photoshop on my high-resolution laptop, and you will learn how appropriate adjustments to the tonality, color balance, and saturation can maximize the impact of the image. We may clone out distracting image elements, and may make adjustments localized to specific parts of the photograph. Lastly, we will see if judicious cropping improves the overall composition, and why. If time allows, I will demonstrate some simple but powerful capture and processing techniques that may surprise you.

Cost is $149 for this three-hour Seattle photography workshop. To schedule a workshop for a time convenient for you, e-mail me at mikelevyonline@gmail.com, or call or text me at 206/489-8414.

Too rainy for photography? Spend two intensive hours with me on photo editing and post-processing. Click here to learn more.

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